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Outlet and Switch Upgrades

Outlet and Switch Upgrades

Upgrading the electrical switches and outlets in a home should be done periodically to ensure they are safe and up to code. Outdated switches and outlets can present a fire hazard, resulting in costly damage – or, worse, harm to you or your family. 

Help stay up to code

Increase Energy Efficiency

Increase Resale Value

Loose or Wobbly Switches and Outlets

Flickering Lights, Overheating

Buzzing Noise From Switch


Benefits of Upgrading Outlets and Switches

Newer models are designed to better withstand aggressive use and average wear-and-tear. They also provide additional safety features, such as tamper resistant and shock protection systems. Alongside safety, homeowners may invest in energy efficient electrical devices as part of their overall sustainable strategy for their homes. Energy efficiency is improved when devices used in the home are kept up-to-date – meaning lower energy consumption overall and potentially even lower electricity bills.