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Electrical Permits and Inspection

Electrical Permits and Inspections

When it comes to electrical projects, it is essential that building owners understand when and why they should obtain an electrical permit, as well as go through a mandatory inspection process. A permit ensures the project meets safety regulations as dictated by local laws and codes. Inspections done by certified electricians will guarantee the work is being done according to code. Not only do these permits and inspections add an additional layer of safety, but having them in place can also protect against potential liability claims in the future. Ultimately, obtaining proper municipal permits and scheduling regular inspections are easily some of the best investments a building owner can make.

New Construction & Renovations

Service Upgrades

Hot Tub Installations & Garage Wiring

If Your Home is Over 40 Years Old

After Storm Damage or Flooding

After DIY Electrical Work


Why You May Need a Permit or Inspection

Electrical permits and inspections are a critical part of any renovation or repair project involving the electrical system in a home or commercial building. Purchasing a home, building a new home, developing your basement, making additions that increase the overall square footage of your space, running new circuits for air conditioners and outdoor spas, upgrading service panels to increase amperage capacity – any work like this would necessitate getting an electrical permit from the city. Touching base with an experienced electrician is also typically recommended whenever major electrical renovations are undertaken as they can help ensure all code requirements are met properly.