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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical panel not only keeps your home safe but also helps reduce energy costs, increases efficiency and allows for additional appliances to be plugged in without straining the existing system. 


Reduce Energy Costs

Increase Energy Efficiency

Signs of Rust, Corrosion, or Water

Sparks or Burning Smell

Flickering Lights Breakers Tripping

When to Upgrade

It is typically recommended that a panel be upgraded when the current system is more than 15 years old or if you notice flickering lights, dimming outlets, odors from wall outlets, circuit breakers that don’t trip or reset properly and/or frequent electrical surges.  If you suspect any of these potential problems with your electrical panel, it’s important to contact a licensed electrician immediately to discuss what steps should be taken before any potential issues become more serious.  

By taking care of the problem sooner rather than later, you are protecting your home from potential hazards such as power surges, fire risks and problems with wiring usage.